Book and Resource Reviews

Skip to the Loo! Bypass Big-Ticket Advertising and Build Business with Better Bathrooms  by Linda Wright

You can spend thousands of dollars advertising to get a couple of new customers through the front door, and then they ask to use the bathroom.

If you say "no" they're probably not going to come back. If the facility is also where you keep the mop and the silver recovery unit, you're not going to make much of an impression.

But if you take the trouble to make a relatively modest investment in the best bathroom in town - and you keep it up - your customers will come back and they'll tell their friends! … read the review

The Long Term Photo Preservation project from PMA

OK, this isn't exactly a book. In fact, it's kind of a mixture of one long technical article and several miscellaneous templates. But it's the best collection of information on this topic, one of the most crucial of the digital photography era.

Creating a Long Term Photo Preservation protocol and spreading the gospel can help retailers educate and keep customers … read the review

Digital Photography for Busy Women by Laura Oles

How many times have you heard the story that someone ran into a burning house to rescue their favorite photos? Do your customers know they’re more likely to lose digital photos in a hard drive crash than a house fire? And what about the pictures printed with their snazzy new ink jet printer? Do your customers think they’ll stand the test of time? Digital Photography for Busy Women answers these questions and more by providing a wealth of information to help consumers make the most of their digital photos and safeguard them for the future … read the review

Digital Scrapbooking by Sally Beacham and Lori J. Davis

Who’d have believed that a book with this title could be one of the best tutorials on the use of digital imaging software?read the review

Efficient Large Group Photography by Allen Showalter

It's a bit of a stretch, calling these 8 pages a book. But that's all it takes Showalter to set out the steps for taking much better photos of those gigantic groups of people that are so tough to shoot.  … read the review

Going Digital by Alex L. Goldfayn

It's cheap and it's got some useful information for your customers. It says some nice things about some photo retailers. So why do we warn you not to buy this book? … read the review

It's Your People - Really! Change Your Focus and Grow Your Sales
By Bill McCurry and Harold Lloyd

My wife won't let me listen to the accompanying CD anymore while we're both riding in the car, but I sneak it in when she's not with me.  … read the review

Photoshop Restoration & Retouching by Katrin Eismann

I must confess to a long-standing love affair with Photoshop diva Katrin Eismannread the review

Shooting for Dollars: Simple Photo Techniques for Greater eBay Profits By Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta

As a long time, successful marketer on eBay, I thought I'd be able to find lots of flaws in this book. Surprise! It's pretty good  …read the review

31 Profit Modules for Specialty Camera Stores and Minilabs By Chris Lydle

How can I review this book? I wrote it - "It's magnificent - I laughed, I cried"  …read the details