Lesson Plans for the Digital Single Lens Reflex are now available

People who come to advanced classes spend the most money. That's because those classes deal with the capabilities of DSLR cameras, and it's pretty obvious that when you have a camera that can work with accessories, you're more likely to buy accessories.

There’s more demand than ever for what we call Digital 201 – Using the Digital Single Lens Reflex. I’ve been spending much of my time lately perfecting the lesson plans and creating variations to play to the owners of the major camera brands. And I’ve found that most new camera owners have never even cracked their books!

Our all-new Digital 201 lesson plans are full of "Aha!" moments. Moments when students who have owned their camera for 3 years or more say "wow, I never knew that."

Many of our students haven’t even figured out how to adjust the diopter of their camera’s eyepiece, so they’re not even looking at a sharp image in the viewfinder. (we've got an animated slide that shows exactly how that works)

And a surprisingly large percentage of new camera owners have the exposure compensation control set somewhere other than .0 +/- (we've got slide sequences that shows exactly how that works)

In class after class, we've had students ask a technical question and found that the very next sequence answers that question perfectly - and with illustrations.

These are the best, most detailed lesson plans I've ever created. Each PowerPoint show includes more than 200 slides that explain all this:

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You can split this up and use it as the basis of a six week course or rush through it in a 3-hour session. Pick and choose content or use it as it is. Or edit it to stress the product lines your own store prefers.

Either way your clients will pay you to teach them, and to present the same products you'd have to beg them to look at over the counter.

Here's what Adrienne Zoble said about education as a sales tool:

“People love to be educated; they're not so thrilled about being sold.  When you educate, people think of you as The Expert; and we all want to do business with experts.” …Adrienne Zoble

Got a tough time remembering what all the buttons do on the cameras your customers own? We have slides that illustrate just about all of them.

And your package includes two versions of the lessons - one based on Nikon and one based on Canon. No extra charge!

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Here's what Allen Showalter had to say:


Thank you for creating this tool and making it available to us at such an affordable price. Buying this is the easiest $97 I'll spend this year.

I would estimate I have taught over 1200 students from my original Camera Class presentation I bought from Chris. That is only counting paid enrollment not Rotary Clubs etc.

Although the material is complete and can be taught right of the box, keep in mind these are Power Point presentations. That makes them infinitely editable as technology changes. We have added photobooks, shoebox scans, photos of our new kiosks and screengrabs of our website to our original presentation.

I would also suggest that you consider replacing some of the photos with those from your local community. This will add interest for your students and ties you back to the community as the local photo expert.

Alan estimates he's taught over 1,200 students. Let's be conservative and figure each one paid only $25 tuition. That would be $30,000 return on his $97 investment - not to mention the additional sales from his students. And students will actually come up to you and thank you for sharing your knowledge with them after each class!

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Yes, our original (and constantly updated) lesson plans for Digital 101 are still available. Information